The stunning beauty of each stone is flawlessly showcased in the Collectors Chest. It is a rare opportunity to witness such vibrant and uniquely named gemstones, each possessing its own precious quality. Whether you are a collector or appreciate life's finer things, this is a destination to be noticed. Prepare to be in awe as you discover the magical wonder of nature's creations. Come and see the gems that await you, and experience the captivating allure of these precious stones.
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Viewing Events:
18-22 September 2023 In Jewellery & Gem WORLD Hong Kong (JGW),
AV Globale’s Booth No 9D32, Hall 9 – Fine Gem Pavilion,
AsiaWorld Expo (AWE), Hong Kong Between 10:00 to 17:00,
Hong Kong Standard Time (GMT+8)
02-31 October 2023 at Meraki Boutique in Gate Avenue Mall,
Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC),
United Arab Emirates Between 10:00 to 18:00, Gulf Standard Time (GST)
The 103 Limited Edition
This year The Collectors Chest brings to you 103 Limited Edition. The collection aims to the finer things in life where nature’s best is crafted into timeless perfection. 103 Limited Edition not only gives you a glance into the collectors chest but also fortifies the brilliance of rare diamonds and gemstones into eternal stories of pure providence.  Selected only by the expert eyes and mind of AV Globale, 103 limited edition will capture your gaze upon each and every piece as if you have found the very heavenly symphony of the angels that creates life itself.
Sales Contact:
Zhyldyz Kurenkeeva
+971 55 482 8363
Sheila Malbas
+971 50 2052452
Ali Gillani
+971 55 478 2310
General Contact:
Customer Service
+971 56 422 4258

1. Pre-Auction Viewing: Prior to the auction, there is usually a designated period for bidders to view the auction lots on offer. This enables the bidder to examine the diamonds, assess their quality, and make informed decisions.

2. Registration: To participate in The Collectors Chest auction by AV Globale, bidders are typically encouraged to register beforehand. This involves providing personal information, such as identification documents, contact details, and financial references, to establish credibility and facilitate the bidding process.

3. Buyers Guide: It is mandatory for a bidder to read the buyers guide before initiating biddings on any auction lot. Buyers guide explains the standard and legal procedures to participate in live auction lot.

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4. Estimates: All auction lots have an estimated range. If the bidding does not reach or exceed the estimated range of price, the auction lot may be withdrawn from the auction.

5. Bidding Process: The bidding process is based on an Online English Auction format, where a lot's seller sets a starting price, and potential buyers place bids until the price reaches a point where no one is willing to bid any higher or the auction time closes for the specific lot.
During the auction all lots are treated independently, increasing the price significantly from the initial starting price. It is important to note that once the price surpasses a certain point, the auction is closed, and no further bids are accepted. It is advisable to read the buyers guide before bidding in a live auction.

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6. Buyer's Premium: AV Globale has a policy to charge a buyer's premium that is 5% added to the highest bid price of the lot. The buyer's premium contributes to AV Globale’s commission and administrative costs.

7. Payment Terms: Successful bidders are typically required to make the payment within a specified timeframe, often within 14 business days from the closing of the auction. Payment methods may vary, so it is essential to confirm the payment options with AV Globale. The accepted currency is in USD.

8. Ownership and Delivery: Once payment has been made, the buyer assumes ownership of the purchased lot. AV Globale will provide instructions for collection or arrange for shipping and insurance, if applicable. All associated costs and logistics for the transfer of the lot or lots is the responsibility of the buyer.