Seller's Guide for The Collectors Chest


The Collectors Chest by AV Globale is an online auction that specialises in selling Fancy Coloured Diamonds, White Diamonds, Gemstones and High-End Jewellery. With our online presence we create a transparent and digitally ethical auction process to bring forth some of the most alluring lots in live auctions and private sales that help sellers with the choice to select the right buyer offering the right price.

Step 1: Request a Listing for Auction

To request a listing, you'll need to provide some basic information about your item, including:

● A clear and accurate description
● Product Certification
● The starting bid price
● The reserve price
● The auction end date
● Your interest in taking a Private Sale offer during Live Auction

You'll also need to mention a category for your item and choose whether you want to sell it with or without a reserve price.

Step 2: Goods on Consignment

The seller will ship the goods on consignment to AV Globale and the seller will give a consent note to show physical goods during live viewing events. In case of a sale, the seller will raise a sale invoice to AV Globale after deducting the commission and AV Globale will raise a sale invoice to the winner at the rate of the highest bid value. In case of withdrawal, AV Globale will return the goods to the seller and no expenses will be charged for organising viewing events etc.

Step 3: Answer Questions

Bidders may have questions about your item, so it's important to answer them promptly. Our team will coordinate with you to provide as much details as possible regarding your listing or by sending direct messages to our support team.

Step 4: Close the Auction

The auction will close automatically on the date and time that you specified. If you have a reserve price, the auction will only close if the final bid meets or exceeds the reserve price. The same does not apply for Private Sale as we will be directly assisting the buyer and the seller for the right bid.

Step 5: Payment

The winning bidder will pay for your goods via bank or wire transfer, and cryptocurrency (USDT). Multiple payment options are available to receive funds from the bidder. The mode of payment will be advanced payments and AV Globale will ship the goods as soon as the funds hit our account. We will remit the funds against the purchase invoice from the seller as soon as we receive the funds from the buyer.


The Collectors Chest charges a commission on all sales. The commission rate is 10% for items that sell for less than $20,000 as described in terms and conditions.


Selling your goods on The Collectors Chest is a great way to reach a global audience and get top dollar for your collectibles. By following the tips in this seller's guide, you can increase your chances of success.

Additional Tips

● Take good photos of your items. High-quality photos will help attract bidders and get you a better price.

● Write a clear and accurate description. Be sure to include all relevant information about your item, such as the condition, size, and any special features.

● Set a fair starting bid price. The starting bid price should be high enough to get you a good price, but not so high that no one bids on your item.

● Promote your listing. Share the listing on social media, email your friends and family, or advertise on The Collectors Chest website.

● Answer questions promptly. Bidders may have questions about your item, so it's important to answer them promptly.

● Ship your item promptly. Once the auction is over, ship your item to the winning bidder as soon as possible.

I hope this seller's guide has been helpful. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.