Private Sale




The 103 Limited Edition aims to the finer things in life where nature's best is crafted into timeless perfection. 103 Limited Edition not only gives you a glance into the collectors chest but also fortifies the brilliance of rare diamonds and gemstones into eternal stories of pure providence. Selected only by the expert eyes and mind of AV Globale, the 103 limited edition will capture your gaze upon each and every piece as if you have found the very heavenly symphony of the angels that creates life itself. 

AV Globale is a leading player in the rough and polished diamonds, gemstones, and jewellery industry, renowned for its creative prowess and innovative e-sales solutions. Beyond its expertise in auctions and tenders, AV Globale has expanded its horizons to include a distinguished division dedicated to private sales of rough and polished diamonds, gemstones, and high-end jewellery. With a commitment to excellence and meticulous curation, AV Globale's private sale offers discerning clients an exclusive opportunity to acquire exquisite pieces of unparalleled beauty and value. The private sale division leverages AV Globale's extensive network and market insights to present a handpicked selection of rare and precious gems and jewellery, catering to the sophisticated tastes of connoisseurs and collectors worldwide. As a trusted partner for prestigious gemstone and jewellery brands, AV Globale ensures a discreet and personalised approach, fostering enduring relationships with clients seeking the epitome of luxury and sophistication.