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We have created a comprehensive resource that covers everything you need to know about our platforms, including the types of auctions and tenders we offer and how you can start using our service. As a buyer or seller, our platforms will be a valuable tool to help you accomplish your objectives. Take a moment to explore what we have to offer and see how we can assist you.

Click on The Collectors Chest for polished diamonds, gemstones, and jewellery auctions and Rough Tenders for rough diamond and gemstone tenders.



AV Globale is a revolutionary auction and tender house that merges the rich traditions of the past with innovative approaches to the future. With a deep appreciation for the historical significance of auctions and tenders, we embark on a journey to redefine the industry and bring about a disruptive change. Our vision is to challenge conventional norms and introduce groundbreaking methods that transform the way business is conducted.

At AV Globale, we understand that evolution is essential for progress. We blend time-honoured practices with cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking strategies to create a new paradigm. By embracing innovation, we aim to enhance efficiency, transparency, and accessibility in the auction and tender process.

Our team of Industry experts is driven by a passion for excellence and a relentless pursuit of improvement. We strive to provide our clients with unparalleled services, leveraging our expertise to maximize value and deliver exceptional results. With a global network and a forward-looking mindset, we open doors to exciting opportunities and connect buyers and sellers on a whole new level.

AV Globale is on a transformative journey, rewriting the rules and shaping the future of auctions and tenders. Experience the AV Globale differentiate, where tradition meets innovation, and together, we forge a path towards a new era of success and prosperity.




The 103 Limited Edition aims to the finer things in life where nature’s best is crafted into timeless perfection. 103 Limited Edition not only gives you a glance into the collectors chest but also fortifies the brilliance of rare diamonds and gemstones into eternal stories of pure providence. Selected only by the expert eyes and mind of AV Globale, the 103 limited edition will capture your gaze upon each and every piece as if you have found the very heavenly symphony of the angels that creates life itself. 

AV Globale is a leading player in the rough and polished diamonds, gemstones, and jewellery industry, renowned for its creative prowess and innovative e-sales solutions. Beyond its expertise in auctions and tenders, AV Globale has expanded its horizons to include a distinguished division dedicated to private sales of rough and polished diamonds, gemstones, and high-end jewellery. With a commitment to excellence and meticulous curation, AV Globale’s private sale offers discerning clients an exclusive opportunity to acquire exquisite pieces of unparalleled beauty and value. The private sale division leverages AV Globale’s extensive network and market insights to present a handpicked selection of rare and precious gems and jewellery, catering to the sophisticated tastes of connoisseurs and collectors worldwide. As a trusted partner for prestigious gemstone and jewellery brands, AV Globale ensures a discreet and personalised approach, fostering enduring relationships with clients seeking the epitome of luxury and sophistication.



Committed to promoting sustainability and ethical practices in the diamond and gemstone industry. AV Globale only offers products from trusted and reputable suppliers who adhere to strict ethical standards and support fair trade practices


We provide financing to the producers to secure their production at a special price to hedge their production against future price fluctuations.


We have an in-house facility to assort from run-of-mine goods to the market-ready assortments in order to attract the right customer for the suitable material.


We provide tailored marketing solutions for producers, including advertising, public relations, and market research. Our team collaborates with producers to achieve their marketing objectives and engage with their target audience effectively.


We are a member of the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) and have full access to the auction / tender facility of DDE at Almas Tower to organize sales events.


We provide fully secured storage vaults for the producers to store their goods entrusted to us at our boutique and offices with insurance and independent audit.


Our state-of-the-art online bidding platform is a secure and transparent cloud-based SAAS system that provides a user-friendly experience for the bidders to participate in the bidding process.



Showcase is a tribute to the collection AV Globale puts forth in its auctions and tenders. From rough to polished fancy-coloured diamonds, precious gemstones, and high-end jewellery.  The collection highlights a few of these highly sought-after great natural wonders of the world. Every auction and tender brings more for your viewings.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    AV Globale is a revolutionary auction and tender house that merges the rich traditions of the past with innovative approaches to the future. Its a disruptive global auction platform engaging enthusiasts, manufacturers, traders and producers of gems and jewels.

    AV Globale conducts auctions and tenders for rough and polished diamonds, precious gemstones and high-end jewellery. All AV Globale Auctions for polished fancy coloured diamonds, precious gemstones and high-end jewellery come under The Collectors Chest Auction Platform with options to both bidding or securing a private sale (on selected lots only) as per the buyer’s requirements.

    The AV Globale Tenders on the other hand focus on rough fancy coloured and white diamonds as well as rough gemstones.

    To participate in our auctions and tenders the participant must register with AV Globale to be eligible to take part in the calendar event.

    Only invited bidders are able to participate.

    Auction: An auction is a public event where buyers compete to purchase an item by bidding higher than the other buyers. The item is sold to the highest bidder. Auctions can be held for a variety of items, including real estate, art, and collectibles.


    Tender: When an organization needs to sell goods or services, it may use a tender process to invite buyers to submit bids. This process is based on a closed bid format where the interested buyers will view and study the goods according to their capabilities, pricing, and how they can give the best offer to procure them. The goal is to select the most suitable bid based on their evaluations. This process is often used for large-scale projects and luxury goods where transparency, fairness, and compliance with specific regulations are of the utmost importance

    The dedicated team at AV Globale keeps all the clients informed with the latest news about events, auctions and tenders happening at the AV Globale’s annual calendar. 

    To keep you fully informed please do register with us. 

    To schedule a viewing appointment, you may contact our representative by phone or email. Please provide your preferred date and time, ensuring that you are as specific as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts. Once our representative confirms availability, they will arrange the appointment accordingly. Remember to arrive on time for the appointment and bring any necessary documents or questions you may have for the representative.

    The security of an auction platform depends on a number of factors, including the platform’s security features, the reputation of the platform, and the user’s behavior.

    Security features: Most auction platforms offer a number of security features, such as:

    • Secured website: The website should be secured with HTTPS, which encrypts data transmitted between the user’s browser and the server.
    • Strong passwords: Users should be required to create strong passwords and use two-factor authentication.

    Reputation: The reputation of the platform is also an important factor in its security. Platforms with a good reputation are more likely to have implemented security measures and to be responsive to user complaints.

    At AV Globale we only use the most trusted platforms in the industry along with our internal cyber security team. This makes our auction platforms one of the most secure in the world today.

    BidGemmer is a platform that enables AV Globale to run sales via Tender or Auction. BidGemmer provides a full 360° solution for managing our sealed-bid tenders or auctions.

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